Joes Style

I specialize in Lifestyle,Portrait and Fashion Photography.  I offer unique New York City locations, a studio and of course your home or place of business. Our approach photographing people in the style called “lifestyle portraiture”. These are candid and semi-candid photographs of people in casual settings. Ideas of where to shoot are urban areas, parks and beaches. Of course your home or place of business. If there is someplace that is special to you, that’s great. I’ll make it work!

I have a fully equipped Studio available for your use and is included in all packages. We are located in Bay Ridge Brooklyn New York and love to shoot around the New York City area. It provides a unique combination of cityscape, parks, new and old buildings, waterfronts, abandoned areas and lots of unique stuff. I am passionate about photographing people and places in New York City.

What to Expect on a Lifestyle Portrait Shoot

Many of my outdoor lifestyle photography sessions occur in the very early evening hours, usually around 90 minutes before sunset. This is the ideal time for lighting, plus it allows for the potential for a beautiful sunset and silhouette shots. I shoot for around an hour and it’s a very casual kind of stroll around whatever location we choose. We’ll walk here and there, look for cool spots, pose a little, play a little and have a great time.

My style is to let you guys have more control over what you want to do…if that’s what you like. I’d rather capture my clients in natural poses…hugging, walking together…laughing. If the lifestyle photography shoot requires we shoot indoors, then almost anytime is good, although it’s nice to have the sun big and bright outside so we have lighting coming through windows to help with our picture taking fun.

There is no dress code!

Ideally though, you want to coordinate but not be identically matched. Of course, if you want to do that, go for it! Whatever you choose to wear should show who you are. You’ll have these pictures forever, looking your best but still being comfortable will ensure your pictures will undoubtedly showcase you! If you want to switch clothes midway through the shoot, that is no problem.

After the Shoot

Once our lifestyle session is over, I will go through all the images and narrow my favorites down to approximately 40-60. These will be custom edited for color, black & white, blemishes and cropping. Unless you let me know ahead of time, I process images in color or Black and White based on each individual shot and how I think it will look the best.

Next I will post around 10-20 of my favorites on my private blog page (that will allow only you and persons with a password to view the images) within three days of our shoot and then will proceed to edit the rest of the images and upload them to my private online gallery where you can view a full slideshow of all your pictures.

Most lifestyle photography sessions, can result in a lot more than 40-60 quality, “keeper” images, so the remainder photos will also be posted to your gallery, but will not have been custom edited. If you find some of those images are ones you’d like to see edited, there is additional cost for that. You are able to change up to ten images from color to Black and White if you’d like!