Artist Statement

My passion is people, landscape and cityscape photography. I use various digital imaging techniques to create scenes that are familiar, or an abstract interpretation of the physical reality. I create images that invoke wonder, amusement, compassion, joy, mystery or the unthinkable. One that sheds new light on our world, raises questions about our world, or creates a new world. My images encompass “straight ahead” and artistic photography. My abstract interpretations are advanced though real life experiences.


Fine Art Photographer - Joe LigammariJoe is a professional Fine Art Photographer and Artist. His career spans over 25 years. Joe started  shooting black and white film and developing fine art prints in his basement darkroom. At the time, Joe worked with a 35mm Nikon FE2 and medium format Hasselblad 500C/M. Today Joe shoots  digital format, using Nikon and Elinchrom studio lighting equipment. Joe still takes out his Hasselblad  to enjoy shooting film.

Another passion Joe has is Street Photography. Many of his street photography images are posted to Instagram.

He has studied Photography at the School of Visual Arts and Cooper Union in New York City.

In addition, Joe is a NY and NJ Licensed Professional Engineer, with degrees in Chemical Engineering and Economics from New York University.

Today, his photography is being displayed in homes and buildings throughout the United States.