Our Retouching Digital Darkroom is equipped with Mac computers running all Adobe Creative Cloud Applications, Nik Complete Collection of Plugins and Photomatix HDR software. We offer portrait retouching, product enhancement, wedding photography enhancements, customized collages, montages, background replacements, portrait effects, vignettes, and other special effects.

Portrait Retouching

Facial work

Enhance and smooth skin, facial skin toning remove facial wrinkles, bags under eyes, makeup enhancements, eyes, lashes, eyes shadow, lip wrinkles smoothed.

Body Work

Reshaping, slimming, weight reduction, breast enhancement, skin smoothing – marks, imperfections, clothing creases fixed and tattoo additions and removals. Background: Objects removed, color changed or new background added or enhanced.

Black and White Photography

We specialize in Color to Black and White Photography digital conversions for professional photographers. Our custom digital Black and White process includes:

  • B&W Film Emulation (Kodak, Ilford, Agfa, Fuji)
  • Toning (Selenium, Sepia, Cyanotype, Ambrotype)
  • Custom Borders
  • Vignettes and Burned Edges
  • Zone System Contrast Control and Enhancements
  • Dynamic Color Filters
  • Custom Grain Enhancements
  • Advanced Structure Control
  • Museum and Archival Quality

Photographic Enhancements

Composites and collages, 
advanced color to black and white digital conversions and toning, 
color correction, enhancement and color changes
, background changes,
 people, places and object modifications

Photo Restoration

Enhance or Restore background: Areas damaged in photo, scratches, spots stains or missing torn areas, cracks and tears

Retouching Pricing

Basic Portrait: $20.00

  • Color Correction
  • Remove Red-Eye
  • Remove Stray Hairs
  • Remove Blemishes
  • Sharpen Eyes
  • Soften Eye Wrinkles
  • Soften Highlights
  • Whiten Teeth

Advanced Portrait: $40.00

  • Basic Portrait plus
  • Balance Skin Tones
  • Remove/Soften Skin Wrinkles
  • Smooth/Fix Clothing

Basic Body: $60.00

  • Color Correction
  • Balance Skin Tones (All Body)
  • Removing Blemishes
  • Remove Red-Eye
  • Remove Stray Hairs
  • Remove/Soften Wrinkles
  • Sharpen Eyes
  • Soften Eye bags
  • Soften Highlights
  • Whiten Teeth

Advanced Body: $100.00

  • Basic Body plus
  • Enhance Background
  • Smooth-Fix Clothing

Our Billing Rate is $75.00 per hour for all other digital photo enhancement, restoration and customized digital composite services. Please contact us for a quote for your specific project.


Digital photographs and artwork can be sent via e-mail or mailed on a Flash Drive or DVD/CD.

Once we receive and confirm your order and we will send you an invoice the can be paid securely with all major credit cards.