Fine Art Print File Preferences

[one_half first]We recommend the following file type and submission:

  • We accept TIFF, JPEG and RAW files
  • If sending a TIFF file, flatten your image don’t leave layers or alpha channels in the file.
  • JPEG files must be saved at 100% quality.
  • Convert to a standard working space such as Adobe RGB 1998, don’t send untagged files
  • DO NOT interpolate your file, send the file set to the output size without resampling
  • Preserve 16-bit data if native to the image source, do not convert to 8-bit for printing
  • Contact us to discuss your file prep situation prior to sending a file if anything is in question or if you need to confirm any detail. This is best done via email to avoid any confusion concerning your request.

Try to order your prints in the same proportions as your file to limit the amount of cropping. If your file requires cropping to fit the size print you order, we will use our best judgment in cropping your print and are not responsible for overly cropped images. We generally crop evenly from all sides. If cropping is a concern, you should crop your file first yourself or tell us what you do not want cropped out. We will do our best to honor your request.

[one_half]File Size
200 – 300 PPI is best with a image size close to the print size you are ordering, but generally no less the 100 PPI. Look at your file at 100% of the print size you are ordering. The print we send you is only as good as the file you send us! If we see that your file is too small for the print size you are requesting, we’ll advise you.

We strongly suggest you review a proof print prior to final printing for prints larger than 13×19. We will provide a 8×11.5 proof print that includes a reduced size of full image and a portion of image printed at the actual size.

We do not modify or adjust a print files other then cropping and sizing without an approved proof print. We print your file as is unless otherwise requested. This will work fine if you have established your own color management workflow.